Covid Help, Give Hope and Happiness

Volunteering Initiative by THE CIRCLE OF LEGENDS Team

Objective: We want to do something tangible and effective. Not Just a talk show. We are planning to provide moral support and psychological help to patients recovered from COVID, so after Recovering From COVID-19, They don’t Ignore the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Symptoms.

Activities: Psycho social support, Meditation by activities support groups, Free Trauma Counselling, 1:1 meetings with experts in PTSD. Moral Support and Listening to the pain of those who have no-one to listen.

Team: We have team of trained Psychologist and a support staff who can help individuals who requires to be heard. By Listening to their stories.

Amita Padit BhattDiksha KamblePrakash Nikam
Juan OdendalSarika ManiarVedant Singh Thakur
Vinod KumarSupriya KumarFatema Agarkar
Eetisha Preeti JainPriyanka SharmaDarshan Patel
Volunteers at TCOL

Minimum information will be collected and it will not be shared with any 3rd party.

TCOL Is a platform which maintains it’s identity and integrity to the highest level.

We are looking for humble, honest, transparent volunteers who can donate time.

Why is this service free?
The cause of covid -19 help :give hope and happiness comes from pure humanitarian motives to do your bit in these challenging times. We are a group of people committed to the intention of giving back to the community only aiming towards donation of time.
How will you lend psychosocial support to covid patients?
Psychosocial support to patient of covid would be in the form of support groups and one free counselling session for patient and family. In the free counselling session thorough identification of the problem area for the patient would be ice tidied along with the possible solutions. After this the patient can register for our free support groups .
What are the support groups like?
The support groups are non judgmental open space of understanding and support for patients of covid in recovery or post recovery. Here we are essentially going to use mindfulness based practices to help them deal with the psychological impact of covid better. Please note the support groups will be facilitated under experts and professionals and thorough care will be taken to tend to each patient’s emotional and mental well- being within the scope of the impact of covid 19.

Step by step approach to provide help:

Part of being a person is about helping others.” – Regis Murayi