Date, Time and Place

SUNDAY, 27-Dec-2020 | 8:00 to 24 Hrs. (16 Hrs.)
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About Event:

Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment On LinkedIn and the Internet.
Members of TCOL will brainstorm about the topic and will prepare an actionable plan to help the community (Primarily teachers, parents, students and senior citizen to start with) to overcome the digital divide.

We have recorded several podcasts and videos.

Format of the event: (Sandwich Format)

1. Pre-Summit: Guests will submit content with their thoughts about the topic
2. Main Summit: Presentation of Ideas in just 3 min.
3. Post-Summit: Compilation of Ideas in a world book and prepare a documentary similar as NAT GEO”

Steps 1-2-3-4

1. Visit: Introduction video, explaining the purpose of the summit:
2. Fill google form –>  Link
3. Submit Audio, Visual, and Written Content for Banner, Video, Audio, LinkedIn Live, Podcast. With an introduction about you and the subject, you will be speaking at Summit.
4. Please do not forget to follow: #thecircleoflegends on LinkedIn and FB

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