InMex Foundation

India and Mexico are similar, for example, flags, food, colours, houses, people and traditions.

Introduction InMex Foundation:

Collaboration has become a keyword for peace, progress and prosperity between nations, communities and individuals. At the same time, it has been realized that it has become necessary to pool expertise, experience and resources for uplifting the level of skills, confidence and standard of living. Technology has created new avenues for people-to-people interaction and collaboration. Keeping above in view, INMEX Foundation has been formed as a non-profit organization.


To provide a global collaboration and learning platform for ease of life


To empower individuals to learn, earn and grow by leveraging collective knowledge base and life lessons available in the community.

Vision 2023:

To form a self-sufficient organization driven by the people interacting with India & Mexico for educational, social, cultural and commercial relationships.


  • To inculcate right values for healthy attitude and relationships in families and society.
  • To encourage bi-directional knowledge exchange and collaboration between people of India and Mexico.
  • To provide opportunities for mutualLearning, Sharing, Earning, Collaborating and Networking.
  • To organize talent development workshops for students, executives and parents on professional and soft skills for participants from both countries on online and offline modes.
  • To promote cultural awareness and bonding by organizing socio-cultural activities among members of Indian families residing at Mexico with participation of local Mexican people.
  • To give opportunities to experts from both countries for showcasing their training abilities with potential for decent earning.

Scope of Activities:

  • Educational:

Training on Languages, Soft skills, Healthy Life Style, Music and Art, Financial Literacy, Technical Skills, Project Management, Leadership. Management Skills.

  • Cultural:

Religious Festivals, Picnics, Competitions, Food Festival, Event Celebration, Movie Shows, Live Performances, Theatre, Sports.

  • Academics:

Student Exchange Program, Guest Lectures at Universities, Placement Assistance, Career Counseling.

  • Trade and Business:

Meetings and Virtual Gatherings, Seminars on Business Scenario, Export Potential.

  • Social Media:

 Active Social Media Presence and Virtual Tours, Spreading Ethical Values.


  1. Sponsors: from IT and Manufacturing domain to support this social learning initiative as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Trainers: from India and Mexico with relevant qualifications, experience and passion for training and continuous learning. They will be paid suitably for their contributions on the basis of their experience, quality of training and the topic.
  • Professionals: including Senior and Middle-level employees, Staff members, and Self-employed personnel who wish to enhance their capabilities.
  • Students: from India and Mexico to learn at a nominal fee, based on their experience and area of operation and interest. They can qualify for scholarships based on their academic performance.
  • Parents & Elders: to provide them opportunities for learning digital skills, parenting healthy lifestyle, fitness, meditation and relationship building.