Internet Pathsala

After a brief break, consolidation & correcting the course of our actions, we are planning to resume the following activities of TCOL.

1) “Covid – Psychological guidance and Program to guide COVID widows for preparing for job interviews” – Ongoing. 

2) The Second Innings:- “Internet Pathshala for 11 Elders” – starting from – Sat 3rd July

Objective Of Internet Pathshala:  

To empower elders with knowledge of the basic features of the Internet.  With knowledge of the Internet, they can interact with people across the globe and fill the void and live happy, cheerful life. 

Official Announcement: 

After the success of 1st batch and feedback from 11 players, we will announce subsequent baches on 15th August. 

Your Support: 

  1. Ideas and Comments: Please share thoughts and comments based on your experience with #thecircleoflegends.
  2. Connections: If you have noticed any individual or community doing similar activities. Please connect with us.
  3. Identify Elderly In need: If you know an individual who can benefit from this program who wants to enrol in the Pathsala. Please make them aware and refer them to us. 

Elders can send a WhatsApp message on +5213310114024. 
1st batch is starting from Sat – 3rd July at 9:00 PM IST.
Duration: Five Saturdays
Total Number of participants: 11