Learning to Learn – Diwali Special

The super interesting and exciting session for parents, students and academicians. Where parents will do introspection who needs to learn!

Nurturing leaders is a segment of life to ensure the wellbeing of the current context of life and a giant leap towards a better tomorrow. As much as we focus on training and development to grown-ups and corporate professionals, the unique team of individuals bring together significant expertise in understanding how the right attitude, appropriate skills sets and knowledge can be inseminated at the right age. As substantial evidence says the child grows up to who he or she is based on the first 7 years of their life, we are leveraging on the same scientific evidence to create a transformational shift from studying to what is known as quality learning.

Education being a broad phenomenon, all phases, stages of it needs to be reengineered to suit the growing demands of life.

The best time is always now hence emerged with our very own talent and experts to discuss and enlighten parents and kids to start learning and developing rather than just studying. In lie of Diwali and Children’s day, our top speakers gathered to host shows on chosen facets of education.

Our program schedule is as follows:
Monday – 09th November 2020 – Kanan Pareek and Sunny Nagpal – Right way of Learning – The New Beginning
Tuesday – 10th November 2020 – Nimisha Kunnath Chatterjee and Dr. Jyoti Dahiya – Strengthening the Transitional Learning
Wednesday – 11th November 2020 – Preeti Pasricha and Kajal Chhatija – Keeping Children Engaged and Gift of Life
Thursday – 12th November 2020 – Dr. Pragya Upadhyay, Hema Vinod and Rabiah Batia – Learning for Teenager & Antenal Parenting.
Friday – 13th November 2020 – Fahmida Mohamed and Yvonne Dolarto – The Need for New Normal in Education.
Event Schedule

Stay tuned with us as we are willing to answer your questions and clear out the fog as our mission lies to spread the right kind of knowledge across the globe.

As an NPO, we always strive to create excellence through integrity and collaboration. Our fraternity stays strong, and together it is an immense pleasure to state that we do have set the stage for the much-needed change.

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