Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion with achievers

If you want to benefit someone in need by sharing your life lesson. The way past panel members and hosts has done for X consistent sessions.

We welcome you to encourage participant of Panel Discussion with achiever, Following is a format of the event:

1. Seven Guest Achievers – Presentation time 5 min.
2. Two Moderators/Host – Inputs to each panellist for 2 min.
3. Platform: Zoom & live on YouTube.

Details for participation:
1. Fill google form: click here
2. Send Your HD Full Size Picture to our email address
3. Audition will be done for each panellist
4. Watch YouTube Videos of past sessions. Click Here.
5. Watch our LinkedIn Live at 8:00 PM
Details for participation
DateEvery 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday
Time8:00 PM India |
9:30 AM NY and Toronto |
8:30 AM Mexico |
Schedule of event
Enrique Enrique Acosta Gonzalez – CEO Triad Consulting
Anubha Maneshwar – Founder Girl Script Foundation
Vandana Mohture – Founder MindArt
Sanjeev Bhatia – CEO at Knowbility Ventures
Purav Bhatt – Bestselling Author | Digitalization@Siemens Energy, Asia
Some of our Moderators and Mentors,

Past panel discussion: Thanks Anubha Maneshwar Founder GirlScript Foundation for Moderating event.

Playlist of Past Panel Discussions

Below are some of the example of previous events.