TCOL: Summits

To connect * co-operate * collaborate and create (Value and wealth)
TCOL members meet at a regular interval. We meet with and discuss various themes.

Following is the detail of our latest Summit Six.

TCOL Summit SIX – Sunday, 14-Feb-2021
100,000+ Individuals | 25,000 Families | 25+ Countires

Join us today at 7:30 pm IST

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Theme: Humanising Relationships Globally

Objective: To involve students, parents, grandparents and common man to explore what is possible on social media

TCOL Summit SixTheme use of technology foe the betterment of humanity
14:00 PM IST22:00 PM

Join us a Participant OR Collaborator and help us to connect with families

It is possible it this high-tech era of digital literacy to connect with countless individuals in a limited duration. Social media has power and we can make the right thing viral at right time.

βœ… The theme: “MINDFUL USE OF TECHNOLOGY FOR THE BETTERMENT OF HUMANITY”. Involve 25,000 families to think, ponder a much-needed topic:

βœ… Activities: Families can involve in the following activities.
* Showcase school projects of Students
* Prepare 5 to 7-page long PPT
* Wrote a blog, essay. or tell a story
* Video Recording of Speech, Song, Music, etc.
* Submitting Painting OR photographs by Kids

βœ… Topics (Example)
1. Internet a boon to humanity
2. Internet and education
3. Women empowerment
4. Digital Divide
5. Use of technology for healthy living
6. Use of the internet for creativity
7. My stories, Learning on the Internet
8. What more can be done?
9. Collaboration
10. New social normal
11. My advice to the world
12. Any other topic that impacts the world

βœ… Benefits, Rewards, and Recognition to the families
* Artifacts will be uploaded on the Social Medial handle of TCOL
* Content will be divided as per age groups
* To select to three: Quality of content will be the primary criteria
* Number of likes and comments will be secondary
* Certificate of participation will be issued to each family

βœ… High achievers award
* Individual with high impact achievement in areas of their fields will be interviewed on LinkedIn Live of TCOL

βœ… Objective: Showcase your achievements to the world and motivate others with a message “I can do it so you can too”

βœ… Feel free to connect with Darshan Patel on +52 1 3310114024 We upload videos regularly on YouTube please like and follow the channel

β€œSocial media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships

David aLston