TCOL: On the ground activity for Sr. Citizens

We will start soon various activities for Sr. Citizens soon covering:

  1. Collaboration and group formation of like-minded sr. citizens.
  2. Internet Paath Shala – (Internet Education)
  3. Virtual Tours to the places
  4. Involvement of Teenagers in volunteering and learning from Sr. Citizens

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TCOL is Hiring Interns

As a part of our growth plan for TCOL V 2.0 we are planning a next level of expansion. We are planning to connect with Educational Institutions, Academicians, Influencers online and on the ground. In over 20 countries where we have contacts.

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Learning to Learn – Diwali Special

Stay tuned with us as we are willing to answer your questions and clear out the fog as our mission lies to spread the right kind of knowledge across the globe. As an NPO, we always strive to create excellence through integrity and collaboration. Our fraternity stays strong, and together it is an immense pleasure […]

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Learning to learn.

Learning to Learn Week

Dear Parents, Let’s begin this open letter with a question we we need to Learn? We are asking you because you are connected with us with a delicate fibre of trust. The trust you have placed in us to train your kids. Trust, that we will train young minds on your behalf. We are putting […]

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